Best Natural Supplements and Vitamins for Lactating and Breastfeeding Mothers

Your body will require time to recover after pregnancy. Childbirth can take a real toll on women’s mental and physical health. It can be easy to push your own health aside while you prioritize your newborn baby, but maintaining your own health and wellness is equally important. Your healthcare provider will likely recommend a series of different vitamins, foods, and supplements to take after you give birth.

Postnatal vitamins offer nutritional support to both new mothers and their babies, while also offering relief to commonly experienced symptoms after childbirth.

If you are a new mother, or are soon going to become one, you’ll want to hear about everything postnatal vitamins have to offer, so let’s dive right in! Here are the best vitamins and natural supplements that all lactating and breastfeeding mothers should keep in mind.

If you are a new mother, or are soon going to become one, you’ll want to hear about everything postnatal vitamins have to offer, so let’s dive right in! Here are the best vitamins and natural supplements that all lactating and breastfeeding mothers should keep in mind.

1. Iron for Nutrition and Infant Brain Development

Our bodies require iron to make hemoglobin and deliver oxygen throughout the body – specifically to the brain. Most infants retain enough iron in their systems to supply adequate levels of oxygen to the brain during the first few months after birth. After that point, their iron supply comes solely from breastfeeding or formula, which places an importance on new moms having a sufficient iron supply themselves.

Postnatal vitamins may also help new mothers who struggle with anemia, as one of the most common causes of anemia is a lack of iron.

2. Vitamin B Complex for to Boost Immunity

B vitamins are some of the most impactful in supporting the immune systems of new mothers and their babies. It’s especially important for breastfeeding mothers who are vegan or vegetarian to take a B vitamin postnatal supplement, as vitamin B12 comes exclusively from animal products. Our bodies need B vitamins to help regulate our energy levels, support our nervous systems, and boost immunity levels.

Vitamin B6 is another critical vitamin found in many postnatal supplements. It’s recommended that most lactating and breastfeeding mothers take B6 as it can help regulate breast milk production, support blood flow to the nipple, and even alleviate symptoms of postnatal depression.

3. Vitamin D for Baby Bone Development

Most of the time, we get enough vitamin D through exposure to the sun. But it’s not always possible for new moms to spend all day in the sun with their newborns. Taking a postnatal supplement with vitamin D can serve as a proper substitute for time outside. Vitamin D, alongside calcium and phosphorus, is critical for bone development, especially in newborns. It’s also been shown to help support the immune system and reduce the risk of infection during those vulnerable first few months of life.

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Increase Energy

There is no denying the depletion of energy that new mothers can feel. After nine months of pregnancy and the process of childbirth, your body will need some time to reset. With that being said, a postnatal supplement with the right vitamins can definitely help get your energy levels on track sooner.

Omega-3s are essential in supplying energy to the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and brain. They’ve also been shown to reduce feelings of fatigue in new mothers. In addition to Omega-3s, chromium and selenium are two other key minerals commonly found in postnatal supplements that can help support energy.

5. Iodine for Thyroid Support and a Healthy Nervous System

Many women struggle with regulating their hormone levels after pregnancy. Such a big physical change can shock the areas of the body where our hormones are produced. However, the right nutrition can help lead hormone production back to normal levels.

Women experience an increased need for both iodine and choline while breastfeeding. Both nutrients are essential for thyroid health, and are fundamental is promoting a healthy nervous system in newborn babies.

6. Vitamin A for Healthy Vision and Tissue Growth

Vitamin A is just as important to ensure optimal nutrition as any other vitamin or mineral on this list. As babies get their entire supply of vitamin A from breastfeeding, it’s essential for breastfeeding mothers to supply themselves with an adequate levels of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is critical for the healthy vision, tissue growth, and immune support of newborn babies. Specifically, vitamin A helps to maintain a clear cornea and supply our eyes with rhodopsin, a protein that allows eyes to see in low light. Vitamin A can even help protect newborn babies against eye infections and diseases.

What is the Best Postnatal Supplement for Breastfeeding Mothers

The best postnatal supplement for breastfeeding mothers is VitaVida Natural’s Postnatal Vitamin Supplement. This sugar-free multivitamin is packed with essential nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Iodine, Folate, and more.

Carefully crafted from a select list of all natural ingredients, this powerful postnatal multivitamin has all the nutrients necessary to support the immune system, bone growth, and nervous system of newborns. It’s also filled with nutrients to support the mental and physical health of breastfeeding mothers.

If you’ve been looking for an all-encompassing postnatal vitamin to fulfill all the nutritional requirements of both you and your baby, you can’t go wrong with these sugar-free gummies from VitaVida. This product is made from non-GMO, vegan friendly ingredients to account for you and your newborn’s every need.

Should All Breastfeeding Mother’s take Postnatal Vitamins

As your baby gets most of its nutrients from breastfeeding and formula, it is highly recommended that all breastfeeding mothers take some form of a postnatal supplement. While your physician may suggest a specific vitamin or mineral, most new mothers find it best to take a multivitamin that covers all bases, like the postnatal gummies from VitaVida Naturals.

To promote ideal health levels across the board, it’s essential for newborns to get all the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. By taking a quality postnatal supplement, breastfeeding mothers can guarantee their babies are fueled with nutrients that support healthy growth during the vulnerable first few months of life.

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According to research, those who breastfeed have an increased chance of having vitamin deficiencies. Vitamins and minerals in postnatal supplements, including as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and D, as well as choline, iodine, and DHA, may help with breast milk production. Breastmilk is recognized for being high in nutrients, but might it also contain stem cells from the mother that convert into elements of the baby’s body? Stem cells have the extraordinary potential to regenerate and grow into a wide range of tissues; I previously had mine at Embryos, umbilical cord blood, and adult tissues are among the stem cell sources being researched for therapeutic application.

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