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Berberine Cinnamon Complex - New

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Description & Benefits

 Elevate your well-being with our innovative Ultra Berberine HCI Sugar-free Gummies, expertly formulated with over 28 active ingredients to support healthy blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular health, and energy production*

  • Regulates blood sugar: Aids in managing type 2 diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity*
  • Boosts heart health: Lowers high blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides to reduce heart disease risk*
  • Supports weight loss: Enhances metabolism and decreases fat accumulation*
  • Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory: Protects cells and lowers chronic disease risk*

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Customer Reviews

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Gr8t with Grace
Bubbly over the Berberine!

After doing some searching of the benefits of Berberine as a dietary supplemental I was looking for a sugar free gummy option. That's how I found VitaVida Naturals! Our first order seemed a bit expensive, but after about 2 months of use I understand fully that the price reflects the value and benefits of the supplement. First, we're getting what we need without added sugar, which is what we don't need. Secondly, my husbands A1c dropped dramatically after only 30 days taking berberine! Because of the simple, clean ingredients and the ease of ordering, plus the personal customer care we've received, we're hooked on VitaVida Naturals for life!

Premium Blood Sugar Blend To Support
Healthy Metabolism & Pancreatic Function

A unique combination of botanicals and essential nutrients, Our Sugar-Free Berberine HCL Root Supplement
Gummy is potent, effective and pure. Containing 97% pure berberine - delivering 82x power compared to other products
on the market! With such a high purity level of active compounds in our supplement, you can experience all of its powerful
health-promoting benefits*

Key Health Benefits

Cardiovascular, Blood Sugar
& Gastrointestinal Support*

An excellent ally for heart health, provides
support in lowering cholesterol. It may also
help support healthier blood sugar levels
thanks to its insulin sensitizing effects. On
top of all these, it’s also beneficial against
common GI Infections creating a
powerful shield from the inside out.*

Metabolic Master Switch*

Formulated to help turn on the body's
metabolic master switch - AMPK. This
enzyme acts as a cellular thermostat,
helping regulate metabolism and
responding in real-time to fluctuations
of energy at both cellular and whole-body
levels for optimal energy balance *

Digestion & Weight
Management Aid*

Contains B vitamins and co-enzymes
which provide the essential nutrients
needed to fuel your body. With its
ability to inhibit lipoprotein lipase, an
enzyme that stores fat in the body, this
blend can help promote weight loss and
reduce overall body fat *

Inflammation Support*

Our powerful polyphenol antioxidants
provide the ultimate defense against
inflammation and oxidative stress,
allowing you to maximize your health
and wellbeing.

People Love Us

Natural nutrition made for real people -- that's what we're all about! Our happy customers already know, but now it's your turn to experience the difference. Check out our reviews  and see why everyone loves us!


Great Taste, Fast Results

Just started these gummies (which taste great!) and was surprised that after only a few days, my stomach didn’t feel or look as bloated. I didn’t expect to notice any results so soon. Looking forward to see what will happen as I continue taking the gummies.

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Glucose Control, Anti Inflammatory, All in 1 product

Oh my goodness, this product really does what it claims! I'm amazed at its anti-inflammatory properties, especially considering the price. It's helped me lower my daily glucose levels and reduce inflammation too. If you're looking to tackle diabetes from all sides, I'd definitely give this product a go!

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Super 🌟 Star power supplement

I am so excited to have found and now reviewing this Ultra Berberine Gummy supplement.
It has a plethora of dynamic ingredients that work together synergistically to combat ills and enhance good health.
You would spend a small fortune if you would buy each one separately.
2 GREAT tasting gummies daily with 1200 mg of awesome Berberine AND no foul aftertaste....
These are just what I was hoping for and are added ro my daily routine.
They are delicious! AND, no added sugar.

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Nurse Kristine

Help with digestion

I ordered these gummies to help with insulin resistance and bloating and they definitely seem to help with the latter. I dont feel quite so hungry either which is a plus. I have never taken berberine before, so I don't really know what to expect. The gummies are not sticky. I can’t tell what flavor they are but they taste quite good. I cant say anything bad about these at all!!

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Clean And Effective ingredients

Berberine HCI

May help lower blood sugar
levels in various pathways such
as increasing insulin sensitivity,
regulating metabolism, helps
promote insulin production &

Ceylon Cinnamon

Excellent remedy to help stabilize
blood sugar levels as it helps regulate
blood sugar, balance insulin levels &
improves glucose metabolism*


Very effective in lowering blood
sugar due to its ability to activate


Not only improves fasting blood
sugar levels, it also enhances
chromium’s glucose lowering

That's not all, click to view complete ingredients

Why We Are Your Favorite

At VitaVida Naturals, we offer you the key to unlocking your healthiest self! We make it easy and affordable with quality supplements that are simple yet delicious. Because when you put nutrition first - life is better in every way.

90- Days Money Back Guarantee

Make the most of now and feel your best! Our revolutionary product delivers all kinds of amazing health benefits - completely risk-free. And we are so sure you'll love it that we're offering a 90-day money back guarantee. Embrace the chance to get healthier than ever before, with nothing holding you back!

Clinically Researched

We are revolutionizing supplements with our sugar-free gummies! Our innovative offerings have been crafted to perfection through rigorous research, rooted in nature and backed by science. Take your health & wellness to the next level without compromising on taste or quality.

Standard Quality

We stand behind our commitment to manufacturing excellence, ensuring the highest quality standards are met with each of our products. They are made in a cGMP and FDA registered facility, NSF-approved state-of-the art manufacturing facility,All our products raw materials are rigorously tested in house and with final product subjected to 3rd party lab to ensure the highest quality.

No Nasty Ingredients

Our products are packed with only the best ingredients, guaranteeing you a healthy and delicious experience. They are  plant-based - no animal gelatin here; gluten-free, Non-GMO, free of high fructose corn syrup, no artificial ingredients including sweeteners, flavors or sugars to keep it as natural as possible so everything is safe for your body without sacrificing taste.

Naturally Flavored

Indulge in a guilt-free treat that's not only flavorful, but also nutritious! Every sugar-free gummy is packed with natural fruit sweetness and flavor - so you can satisfy your cravings while nourishing your body. Enjoy the unbeatable combination of deliciousness and goodness today!

Easily Absorbed

Chewable gummies are a tasty way to get the vitamins your body needs. Enjoying these sugar-free gummies helps ensure those essential nutrients absorb quickly, so you can start feeling their benefits right away!

Longer Shelf Life

Our products are designed for sustained freshness and vitality, guaranteeing an extended shelf life of up to ONE year from the time it reaches your hands.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many gummies should I take daily?

Take 2 gummies daily preferably with a meal

What are the benefits of the ingredients in the Ultra Berberine gummies? 

Each serving supports blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular health, and energy production. It features Berberine HCl for maintaining healthy blood sugar and essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for overall well-being. The product promotes cardiovascular health by balancing cholesterol and blood pressure while aiding in energy production. 

What are the supplement facts of  Ultra Berberine gummies?

Should I take vitavida Naturals gummies with food?

Our gummies can be taken with or without food but for best absorption, we recommend taking with food 

Are VitaVida Naturals gummies gluten, gelatin & Sugar free?

Yes, unlike the other brands, our gummies are all gluten, gelatin and sugar free. They are made with pectin which is a plant-based fiber found in fruit peels and uses steviosides, a natural sweetener found in plants 

How long will it take to see results?

Individual results vary, but many customers have reported seeing positive changes within a few days of starting the supplement.

Where can I order?

Our gummies are offered on our website,, so click here to see what's available! Also available on amazon website via our store;

Can I take it with other products? 

Our  Ultra Berberinegummy is a natural dietary supplement formulated to provide you with the perfect combination of potent dietary supplementsaimed to support blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular health, and energy production.