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Bone Guard


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Description & Benefits

Unleash the power of algae and essential nutrients for a healthier bone and heart health. Featuring algae calcium, vitamins D3, K2, B12, boron, silica, and more to help promote bone density, improve heart health, and help lower the risk of osteoporosis.

  • Algae calcium for optimal absorption and efficacy*
  • Essential vitamins D3, K2 and B12 for bone and heart health*
  • Boron, Silica, Cissus & more to promote bone density & reduce osteoporosis risk*
  • Plant-based, sustainable ingredients for eco-friendly & effective supplementation*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thank you VV!

I love that I can get delicious tasting gummies with so many good things in them! D3 and K2 are a power couple in the vitamin world and in the body’s immune system, and I feel so great after taking them. I’ll be ordering more!

Angela Erices
Great flavor and good nutrients

I was tired of the hard pills because they are hard to swallow, and I was afraid of the flavor of these gummies but I’m glad that I’m now receiving the nutrients that my bones need with a yummy flavor without sugar!!!

Great all in one supplement

Many vitamins and minerals to help with my bone in one single product and great enough, i don't have to swallow horse pills. I love that the gummies are sugar-free!



Plant-Based Calcium complex For
Supporting Bone Density & Heart Health

Our calcium supplements help keep your bones strong and your arteries in tip-top shape! With a special blend of ingredients,
they activate the matrix GLA protein to bind excess calcium while promoting healthy arterial flow and flexibility. Be sure to take
them for an extra boost of bone strength that's just as important for women as it is men*

Key Health Benefits

Bone Density Support*

Helps give the bones the nutrition needed
to support its density. With ingredients
sourced from plant-based, whole foods
and Marine Algae for bone healing support,
plus added Vitamin K2 - you can be sure
that your body is getting all of its essential
nutrients *

For Strong Bones*

Your bones will be stronger and
healthier than ever with this unique
formula, which ensures that calcium
is absorbed correctly and delivered
straight to where it's needed. Enjoy
the lasting benefits of improved bone

Perfect Combo*

Completely sugar-free
powerhouse gummy that is jam
packed with beneficial ingredients
that matrix GLA protein- helping
intercept bad calcium buildup in
joints & artery walls while
supporting bone & heart health
and mental clarity!*

Complete Formula*

The synergistic combination of ingredients supports healthy bones, with vitamin D3 playing a crucial role in promoting calcium absorption in the gut and maintaining proper calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. It also contributes to improved heart health by helping regulate blood pressure and reducing inflammation.*

People Love Us

Natural nutrition made for real people -- that's what we're all about! Our happy customers already know, but now it's your turn to experience the difference. Check out our reviews  and see why everyone loves us!


Promote healthy bones

As I age I want to protect my bones from Osteoporosis and Arthritis. I love this product.

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Taste Great and Easy to Digest

Hands down, this is the best calcium supplement I've ever used! It's sugar-free, super easy on my stomach, and the added magnesium and D3 are just fantastic. Love it!

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Amazing calcium alternative

I've found this to be an awesome option for boosting my calcium intake without the usual discomfort from regular supplements. Perfect price, perfect taste & effective as well, it's so worth it!

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Excellent Product

These calcium gummies that's been really helpful for my osteoporosis! It's made a noticeable difference, and I'm so grateful for it.

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Clean And Effective ingredients

Vitamin D3 ( Plant Based
Cholecalciferol from
Wild-Harvested Lichen)

Show to help in preventing
rickets and building strong

Magnesium (from Marine Algae)

Helps assimilate calcium into
the bone and activates Vit D in
the Kidneys*

Calcium (from Marine Algae)

Shown to help strengthen bones
and prevent osteoporosis*

Vitamin K (as K2 Menaquinone

A natural compound present in
green plants. It is an antioxidant
and has benefits such as helping
to improve digestion, protects the
skin and also fights inflammation*

That's not all, click to view complete ingredients

Why We Are Your Favorite

At VitaVida Naturals, we offer you the key to unlocking your healthiest self! We make it easy and affordable with quality supplements that are simple yet delicious. Because when you put nutrition first - life is better in every way.

90- Days Money Back Guarantee

Make the most of now and feel your best! Our revolutionary product delivers all kinds of amazing health benefits - completely risk-free. And we are so sure you'll love it that we're offering a 90-day money back guarantee. Embrace the chance to get healthier than ever before, with nothing holding you back!

Clinically Researched

We are revolutionizing supplements with our sugar-free gummies! Our innovative offerings have been crafted to perfection through rigorous research, rooted in nature and backed by science. Take your health & wellness to the next level without compromising on taste or quality.

Standard Quality

We stand behind our commitment to manufacturing excellence, ensuring the highest quality standards are met with each of our products. They are made in a cGMP and FDA registered facility, NSF-approved state-of-the art manufacturing facility,All our products raw materials are rigorously tested in house and with final product subjected to 3rd party lab to ensure the highest quality.

No Nasty Ingredients

Our products are packed with only the best ingredients, guaranteeing you a healthy and delicious experience. They are  plant-based - no animal gelatin here; gluten-free, Non-GMO, free of high fructose corn syrup, no artificial ingredients including sweeteners, flavors or sugars to keep it as natural as possible so everything is safe for your body without sacrificing taste.

Naturally Flavored

Indulge in a guilt-free treat that's not only flavorful, but also nutritious! Every sugar-free gummy is packed with natural fruit sweetness and flavor - so you can satisfy your cravings while nourishing your body. Enjoy the unbeatable combination of deliciousness and goodness today!

Easily Absorbed

Chewable gummies are a tasty way to get the vitamins your body needs. Enjoying these sugar-free gummies helps ensure those essential nutrients absorb quickly, so you can start feeling their benefits right away!

Longer Shelf Life

Our products are designed for sustained freshness and vitality, guaranteeing an extended shelf life of up to ONE year from the time it reaches your hands.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many gummies should I take daily?

Take 2 gummies daily either before or after food

What are the benefits of the ingredients in the Bone & Heart Support gummies? 

Each serving provides support for strong bones and cardiovascular health. Additionally, it is fortified with boron and silica to promote bone density, reduce osteoporosis risk, and improve heart health.

What are the supplement facts of  Bone & Heart Support gummies?

Should I take vitavida Naturals gummies with food?

Our gummies can be taken with or without food but for best absorption, we recommend taking with food 

Are VitaVida Naturals gummies gluten, gelatin & Sugar free?

Yes, unlike the other brands, our gummies are all gluten, gelatin and sugar free. They are made with pectin which is a plant-based fiber found in fruit peels and uses steviosides, a natural sweetener found in plants 

How long will it take to see results?

Individual results vary, but many customers have reported seeing positive changes within a few days of starting the supplement.

Where can I order?

Our gummies are offered on our website,, so click here to see what's available! Also available on amazon website via our store;

Can I take it with other products? 

Our   Bone & Heart Support gummy is a natural dietary supplement formulated to provide you with the perfect combination of potent dietary supplements that will help provide support for bones and heart.