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Energy Booster

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Description & Benefits

Our Sea Moss with Spirulina gummies combine the world's most nutrient-rich algaes to create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind product that will give you all sorts of benefits including healthy skin, immune support, digestive health and magically provides the entire 102 mineral content the body need to replace every day.

  • Get a powerful dose of nutrients for anemia and blood sugar support.*
  • Optimum support thyroid, immune, digestion & skin health.*
  • Get the minerals your body needs every day.*
  • Enjoy better health across all areas of your life.*


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dusty Fitzgerald
Extra Nutrients!

Love my Sea Moss gummies. They ensure that I get extra nutrients and antioxidants throughout the day. I’ve noticed they also help my digestion.

Jessica Andersen

There is so much science evidence that sea moss is amazing for your body. I love taking this everyday before my workouts. The taste of the gummy is so good too!

Rocio DOleo 12-00686
Love the taste!

I was a bit scared of how this was going to taste but they’re good! So good!
I’ve been taking them for a week now and it has helped me going to the bathroom more often.

Simply working

First, i love that these are sugar-free... Initially, i was not seeing or feeling any effects but i continued to take them after about a week or so, i started to feel energized, no longer feeling tired and also it's been helping with my skin psoriasis. I will continue to take these seamoss gummies and recommend as well.

Jossie Márquez Ruiz
Love it

I combine this with Resveratrol and this is the best way to boost your immune system, boost your energy, boost your metabolism and is also a great anti-inflammatory. I really good choice to stay healthy without the BS!

Unique Proprietary Blend

Our ocean grown seamoss complex gummies are not only fused with powerhouse blue green algae, we are transparent
in our all-natural complete body detox and toxins elimination gummies formulating with Organic Irish SeaMoss- 1000mg,
Spirulina 500mg, Chlorella- 400 mg Barley Grass-400mg, Atlantic Dulse-300mg, Wild harvested wild blueberries-200mg,
Burdock-200mg, Bladderwrack-200mg, Beets-100mg, Cilantro leaf 100mg to provide the ideal blend of natural goodness.*

Key Health Benefits

Premium Benefits*

Seamoss, Chlorella and Spirulina
are abundant sources of vitamins
& minerals packed with powerful
immune-boosting properties as well!
Also helps protect against Anemia by
promoting healthy hemoglobin levels,
red blood & white cell count*

Superior Detoxification*

The barley grass
contains phytonutrients that feed
an undernourished liver allowing
it to detoxify.And with additional
detoxifying ingredients helping to
eliminate toxins and enhance your
body’s natural detox process too*

Reliable Immune Support*

Helps Nourish the
body fortotal wellbeing with
these powerfulseamoss gummies!
Packed full ofall-natural vitamins
and minerals;the perfect way to
fortify yournatural defenses
against illness*

Optimum Thyroid Support*

With its powerful combination
of spirulina and Atlantic Dulse,
this superfood provides essential
nourishment for the thyroid. Packed
with nutrients that promote healing,
it also contains bioactive iodine to
give your thyroid an extra boost*

People Love Us

Natural nutrition made for real people -- that's what we're all about! Our happy customers already know, but now it's your turn to experience the difference. Check out our reviews  and see why everyone loves us!


Lost three pounds but 4 inches

I bought these because they had cracked wall chlorella and was also sea moss gummy. The taste isnt bad and if it is, you will get used to it. The benefits are there: the energy, curb in appetite, and drive. I only lost 3 pounds using this for a month but not eating at night with the curb in appetite definitely made me loose inches. I feel super thin.

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Sarah Ezekiel

Heavy Metal Detox & Additional Health Benefits

Loaded with Amazing nutrients. This is an awesome product for some of us looking for an on-the-go easy way to take supplements. I have noticed it helps with overall sense of well-being, increased energy and has helped me feel better; I think that's from the heavy metals detoxing from the brain and body as it's loaded with heavy metal detoxing ingredients such as spirulina, barley grass, Atlantic dulse & more. I am glad I am able to detox my body and brain daily from these toxins.

The Ace for me is that they are sugar-free, easy to chew, and I can feel the benefits. This is the yummiest gummies I have ever purchased, taste so good!

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Surprised by mild taste; they’re good!

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor! I was happy they were not too heavily coated in sugar like many gummies are to make them palatable. These were good! Not too strong of a flavor and easy to chew.

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Felting Mom

Helpful for skin issues

I had read about sea moss being helpful for people suffering from psoraisis, so I have added this supplement to my regimen. My scalp psoriasis has been clearing up - I no longer have it on my ears and although I'm also using a prescribed lotion and have been doing intermittent fasting for several months, I give credit to this product, too. They taste good so it's easy to remember to take them.

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Clean And Effective ingredients

Irish SeaMoss

Sea moss contains 92 of 102
minerals your body needs with
varieties of nutritional benefits
such as immune, digestion, heart,
skin, hair and nails support and cell


Helps rebuild central nervous
system and helps to eliminate
toxic chemicals from the brain
and the body*

Cracked Wall Chlorella

Assists in binding toxins,
hence aiding detox; enhancing
body's natural ability to clear

Barley Grass

Provides vital nutrients and
helps prevent the thyroid from
degenerating by allowing it to
detoxify dozens of toxins*

That's not all, click to view complete ingredients



2 Gummies

As a dietary supplement, chew 2 sugar free Gummies a day, please not exceed daily dosage

Best taken with food

Our gummies can be taken with or without food but for best absorption, we recommend taking with food


If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any medical concerns, taking medication, please do not take with alcohol

Why We Are Your Favorite

At VitaVida Naturals, we offer you the key to unlocking your healthiest self! We make it easy and affordable with quality supplements that are simple yet delicious. Because when you put nutrition first - life is better in every way.

90- Days Money Back Guarantee

Make the most of now and feel your best! Our revolutionary product delivers all kinds of amazing health benefits - completely risk-free. And we are so sure you'll love it that we're offering a 90-day money back guarantee. Embrace the chance to get healthier than ever before, with nothing holding you back!

Clinically Researched

We are revolutionizing supplements with our sugar-free gummies! Our innovative offerings have been crafted to perfection through rigorous research, rooted in nature and backed by science. Take your health & wellness to the next level without compromising on taste or quality.

Standard Quality

We stand behind our commitment to manufacturing excellence, ensuring the highest quality standards are met with each of our products. They are made in a cGMP and FDA registered facility, NSF-approved state-of-the art manufacturing facility,All our products raw materials are rigorously tested in house and with final product subjected to 3rd party lab to ensure the highest quality.

No Nasty Ingredients

Our products are packed with only the best ingredients, guaranteeing you a healthy and delicious experience. They are  plant-based - no animal gelatin here; gluten-free, Non-GMO, free of high fructose corn syrup, no artificial ingredients including sweeteners, flavors or sugars to keep it as natural as possible so everything is safe for your body without sacrificing taste.

Naturally Flavored

Indulge in a guilt-free treat that's not only flavorful, but also nutritious! Every sugar-free gummy is packed with natural fruit sweetness and flavor - so you can satisfy your cravings while nourishing your body. Enjoy the unbeatable combination of deliciousness and goodness today!

Easily Absorbed

Chewable gummies are a tasty way to get the vitamins your body needs. Enjoying these sugar-free gummies helps ensure those essential nutrients absorb quickly, so you can start feeling their benefits right away!

Longer Shelf Life

Our products are designed for sustained freshness and vitality, guaranteeing an extended shelf life of up to ONE year from the time it reaches your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many gummies should I take daily?

Take 2 gummies daily either before or after food

What are the benefits of the ingredients in the Seamoss Spirulina complex gummies?

Both Sea moss and Spirulina are abundant sources of vitamins & minerals.  Spirulina is a tasty and nutritious food that packs powerful immune boosting properties as well! These algae can help protect against Anemia by promoting healthy hemoglobin levels, red blood cell count or white cells in your body. Atlantic Dulse contains beneficial bioactive iodine to further support thyroid, The barley grass contains phytonutrients that feed an undernourished liver allowing it to detoxify. It’s a detoxifier with exchange integrity, replacing the troublemakers removed from your body with vital nutrients while holding specific alkaloids which help keep thyroid functioning properly

What are the supplement facts of Seamoss Spirulina complex?

Should I take vitavida Naturals gummies with food?

Our gummies can be taken with or without food but for best absorption, we recommend taking with food

Are VitaVida Naturals gummies gluten, gelatin & Sugar free?

Yes, unlike the other brands, our gummies are all gluten, gelatin and sugar free. They are made with pectin which is a plant-based fiber found in fruit peels and uses steviosides, a natural sweetener found in plants

How long will it take to see results?

Individual results vary, but many customers have reported seeing positive changes within a few days of starting the supplement.

Where can I order?

Our gummies are offered on our website,, so click here to see what's available! Also available on amazon website via our store;

Can I take it with other products?

Our Seamoss Spirulina complex gummy is a natural dietary supplement formulated to give all sorts of benefits including healthy skin, immune support, thyroid support and digestive health. Please consult with your health care practitioner before using this supplement with other products.